Here are some tips to help get your film distributed

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By RobertBass

Independent filmmakers need to be aware of serious issues that go beyond making a movie, or even making a good one. This is the art and science of movie marketing. All filmmakers must be able to do both. In those early years, you will need to master both. You need to be aware of the challenges you face as a filmmaker trying to find your way in the world. MovieTransit has been created to provide the best service for both major film studios as well as independent distributors, providing advanced and cutting-edge features to boost your production. Enhance your delivery of content by using the most reliable, secure and flexible what is dcp delivery platform now!

Social Media

If your social media is not on point, your movie won’t go anywhere. This is a great topic to discuss. While you shouldn’t favor one platform over another, Instagram can be used for many things in the filmmaking community. It is important to have all the information on the most prominent platforms. Distributors are most famous for their ability to distribute on Instagram, Facebook, and finally Twitter. Because Indie movies are now making less money, platforms like Amazon Video Direct have opened. A distributor must create a weights and measurements approach to consider the distribution of your movie.


If you don’t have the time or friends to quickly write press releases, you will need to come up with a new angle for each release. Focus on location, budget, actors and subject. This creates an advantage for print or online media because so many people are making films these days, it is hard to make your story stand out from the rest. Begin local and then expand your reach by looking at genre review websites, magazines, podcasts, etc. A filmmaking magazine published an article about me during the making of my first film. This was despite the fact it was my first film. However, this was because I had written well-written press releases. My articles were always fresh and generated text-versus-advertising coverage worth PS1.8 million pounds. Your success as a filmmaker is dependent on your ability to create your own hype.


It is not easy to get a Wikipedia page. But think about your angles and add the section on press. You will be able to create a winning formula. If the articles in the press cite something from your film, it is important to get Wikipedia article noticed. You should create your Wiki page or have someone else do it. List the awards, screenings, accolades and cast. Never talk about yourself, nor the perspective of anyone involved in the film. Finally, link to all your press throught the article. Your film title Wikipedia pages will nearly always rank higher than IMDB when you search them. It is important to note that Wikipedia does not consider IMDB a reliable source. This means that Wikipedia pages are not likely to help you achieve Wiki-Fame.

Get your film evaluated

It’s not as simple as it appears. Find friends who aren’t involved in filmmaking and ask them to review your film. Ask bloggers to view your film. These two factors will ultimately determine the future of your film. Only ask for honest responses. People involved in the film will praise it no matter what, and they will be grateful for the opportunity to help further their careers. Anyone who downplays a film they have been part of would definitely be considered “a bad egg”. It is important that someone tells you (ideally before colour grading your film) that some aspects are not working, that a performance is bad, or that the editing is not right. Don’t take criticism personally. Instead, consider it genuine feedback and take their suggestions into consideration. You can save your film if you are able to cut scenes or change characters when someone’s dialogue is not working.

Send to film festivals

You have two options. One is to use a service like The Film Festival Doctor. This professional, who is a true globetrotting festival strategist, will help you get your film in festivals. Rebekah Louisa is well-known on the festival circuit. Sometimes, paying fees for a service can be more cost-effective than choosing festivals by hitting and hoping.