Things you need to know about “food grade barrels”

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By RobertBass

The RIC (Resin Identification Code) is a key marking that can be found inside a small triangle at the bottom end of a food grade barrels. This number is used to identify the type of resin used for the manufacturing of the plastic.

Most food items are shipped in barrels that have RIC codes of 2, 4, and 5.

The #2 code means that the plastic is high-density, while #4 indicates low-density, and #5 signifies that the barrel is made from polypropylene.

HDPE, which is also used in food grade barrels (containers), is the standard packaging material. It can be used in freezer bags, grocery bags and milk containers. Plastics with RIC code #2 do not contain bisphenol A or phthalates which could possibly become a food contaminant.

For condiment squeeze bottles, you can use RIC codes 4 and 4. This plastic is flexible and rigid, so it’s ideal for these types.

Type 5 (or polypropylene) plastic is used by manufacturers for yogurt containers, drinks and medicines. Polypropylene, semi-transparent like Type 4, is flexible and can withstand solvents. A Type 5 container may be marked “PP”

This plastic is most commonly used to ship food and beverages. This material is stable and inert so it will not release potentially harmful chemicals that could cause food poisoning.

HDPE is considered “food grade barrels” by the FDA.

Food Grade Barrels

A drum with the food grade barrels means that it has been tested and certified safe for long-term food storage. Plastic has been tested to ensure that it contains no harmful dyes or recycled plastic containing toxic chemicals. Other materials can also be used to make food grade drums, like steel.

Containers that meet FDA criteria will also be stamped with the RIC code.

Food Safety

Food safe can be understood in the same way, but FDA approval does not necessarily mean that the container is safe for long-term storage. High-density polyethylene can be used to make food preparation equipment, rain barrels and cutting boards. Food items that come into contact with food-safe materials are safe to ingest.

Food grade barrels Color 

White buckets and barrels are often used for food purposes. The white color of Titanium Dioxide used to color barrels has been thoroughly tested and found not to contain any harmful ingredients. Sunscreen, for instance, contains Titanium Dioxide. Many foodstuffs contain the compound.