Check Car Insurance Policy Online In India

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Car insurance policies can vary depending on the type of coverage, cost and risk taken. Many factors can impact the cost of car insurance. You should compare the coverage and rates offered by different insurance providers to get the best auto insurance deal.

You can check the following types of car insurance policies:

Many car owners buy car insurance because it is required by law. They buy only third-party insurance. Although third-party liability insurance is less expensive, it offers limited coverage. Some policies provide extensive coverage for an accident, theft or other unfortunate events.

Third Party Liability insurance: This mandatory coverage is required by all vehicle owners. This insurance covers third-party liability that could arise from your vehicle’s involvement with an accident. This coverage does not cover you or your vehicle. This is only basic coverage. In case of an accident, the whole cost of repairs will be your responsibility. This plan does not offer riders and the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India, (IRDAI) determines the premium.

Comprehensive Insurance: Comprehensive insurance will cover your vehicle’s damages and third-party liabilities. Comprehensive insurance provides extensive coverage to protect you against damage from natural or manmade calamities and theft. You can also add optional riders to your coverage that will enhance your protection. Comprehensive insurance is recommended to ensure complete coverage. Third party liability insurance will have a higher premium.

Your vehicle’s damage insurance policy: Only this policy covers the vehicle. This plan does not cover third-party liability. The plan can be purchased in addition to third-party liability insurance. It may not offer adequate coverage in the event of an accident.

Why not renew your car insurance policy on time?

It is vital to renew your car insurance policy before it expires in order to ensure that your vehicle remains covered. Your car insurance policy will expire if it isn’t renewed by the due date. Here are the consequences for a car insurance policy that has expired:

It doesn’t cover legal liability or claims for losses or damages to your vehicle.

  • Violations of motor laws
  • Renewal premiums higher
  • Loss of the No Claim Bonus

What are the benefits of checking your Car Insurance Status Online

  • You can quickly look up information online if you’re involved in an accident involving a vehicle.
  • You can then gather information about the car’s insurer and file a claim for damages.

How can I check my car insurance policy status online?

Car insurance is essential. Third party insurance is mandatory. Car insurance offers additional protection from road hazards. Each policyholder must keep track of the status of their car insurance. Each insurance policy has an expiry, and most policies need to be renewed annually.

An expired policy could also lead to heavy fines. You may need to assess your policy period, check your car’s insurance status, and other details. You can check the status of your auto insurance policy online or offline in a number of ways.

Where can I check the validity of my car insurance?

When you buy an insurance policy, it will automatically be linked to the vehicle’s registration number. This is why you will need separate policies for each car. You can use the registration information to check your vehicle’s insurance status online. Find out how to check your car insurance.

  • Examine your auto insurance policy document
  • Contact the insurance companies
  • If you purchased your policy through customer service, contact your agent to inquire about the expiry date.
  • Check your policy status by visiting the Insurance Information Bureau (IIB), India.
  • Visit the official website of VAHAN, Ministry of Road Transport and Highways. Just enter the registration number and verify the status.
  • To verify your status, visit the IRDAI database, which is the official website for the Insurance Information Bureau.
  • To check your insurance status, visit the official website for the Regional Transport Office (RTO).
  • You can also check the status on the State Transport Department’s site.

I.) You can check your car insurance policy status online through MParivahan SEWA:

Parivahan Sewa, a central website managed by the Ministry of Road Transport & Highways, stores all vehicle data across the country. Parivahan Sewa is updated within two days after a motor insurance policy has been purchased or renewed.

II.)  You can check car-insurance online, make a claim online, and get the compensation you need. Here’s how:

Visit the official website of Insurance Information Bureau of India.

Click on V-Seva tab under “Quick Links”. You will be redirected directly to the page Accident Vehicle Information Retrieval System.

Please fill in the following information about your car. Enter the following information:

  • Name of the owner
  • Address
  • Mobile number
  • Email ID
  • Number of vehicle registration

Date and location of the accident

  • Fill out the form and you’ll receive all the relevant information about your car.
  • Please note that the IIB portal must match your details.
  • Now you can access your car’s insurance details.
  • You can now move on to the next steps, such as submitting a claim or knowing your claim status.

III.) Check Car Insurance Policy Status Online via QR code:

The easiest way to check your car insurance status is via QR code. The Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority has made it mandatory that every car insurance policy have a QR code with all the relevant details. Your smartphone can scan the QR code to view all details about your insurance policy.

IV,) Online options may not be available for you.

You can still check your insurance status by visiting the RTO or calling the office. For this to happen, you will need your vehicle registration number.

Notice: Your insurance can be renewed up to 90 days after expiry. If there are delays beyond this time, the policy will expire and any NCB accumulated will be lost. This will result in the policy being canceled and cannot be renewed. The customer will need to buy a new policy and undergo inspection procedures again.