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The in and Outs Car Insurance & Insurance Claims

The in and Outs Car Insurance & Insurance Claims

Driving is the most risky thing you can do each day. According to Arizona Department of Transportation, the state saw more than 100,000 car crashes last year. Two people died each day in Arizona from vehicle accidents. Arizona’s car accidents each year cause more than $3 billion in damages. Outs Car Insurance is compulsory in Arizona. Arizona requires all drivers to have $15,000 of liability coverage. $30,000 is required for any accidents that involve more than one person. Other types of insurance coverages such as protection for your vehicle’s damage or coverage for medical expenses are not required.

Many accidents involve complex legal issues such as traffic laws, safety regulations (e.g. trucks and other commercial vehicle), legal issues related to negligence and liability and wrongful death claims from deaths or serious injuries that result in death, vehicle and property damage, and treatment expenses.

Attorneys and Outs Car Insurance companies

Insurance is a competitive and complex industry. It is also highly regulated. This is why there are so much television ads. There is a lot at stake. According to the Insurance Information Institute (III), auto insurance companies collected over $107 million in premiums for 2013. “Claim adjusters” are people employed by insurance companies to review and evaluate claims. They collect information and review records (including witness statements and police reports) to determine the extent of their liability. Make no mistake, adjusters work for an insurance company.

Insurers play an important role in society. However, insurance companies don’t make money by paying maximum claim amounts or paying claims as quickly as possible.

Insurance companies maximise their profits by minimizing the risk and paying out as little as possible. They also have the ability and motivation to do so. Many claim adjusters have handled thousands of cases and represented attorneys in accident cases. How many accidents have you had to deal with? Many people decide to hire an attorney to represent them in cases involving property damage, injury, death or other types of accidents. A lawyer can assist you in the insurance process which can be frustrating and time-consuming. They can also help you resolve your claim quickly and fairly.

Avoid These Pitfalls

Unexpected and stressful accidents are by their very nature. You will likely be very vulnerable if you are the victim. What should you do? The following are some guidelines for handling an accident:

Contact the police and get medical treatment. This is obvious yet so often forgotten. Your immediate safety and well-being should be your top priority, not the vehicle damage or possible ticket. Under Arizona law (A.R.S. SS. 28-661) requires that you stop at the accident site and remain there. You should remain calm. Some injuries may be internal. You might not feel any pain due to adrenaline pumping through your body, or the shock of an accident. If you believe that you are in pain or have any other symptoms, you should immediately go to the hospital. You should also look out for dizziness, ringing or ringing ears, confusion, nausea, and vomiting. Find a trusted medical professional or urgent care facility to evaluate you if you feel pain from the accident.

Talk to the Police and be Honest. Provide all information that he requests. Don’t forget anything. Do not lie or exaggerate. Keep it real. You can’t always remember everything. If you are asked about your injuries, be sure to report all symptoms, even minor ones. You shouldn’t assume you are hurt if there is blood. Recent news about NFL football players, concussions and brain injuries highlights the damage to brains that can result from sudden impacts and collisions.

Collect Information. Take photos of your vehicle and that of the other driver. You should take pictures of any swelling or bruising. The hospital will not be able to take photos. To ensure that witnesses are not obstructive, you should get their names. Arizona law (A.R.S. Arizona law (A.R.S. You are required to provide reasonable assistance to an injured person in an accident. This includes making arrangements for transporting the person to a hospital, doctor or surgeon for medical or surgical treatment. You will normally be asked by the police to complete an accident information exchange form. See below for more details. The form is called an accident exchange information form and will contain all necessary information, as well as a number. Reports typically are not available until several business days after an incident. You can access traffic accident reports online in Phoenix at:phoenix.gov.jsf You will need to complete a form if the Arizona Department of Public Safety (DPS) responded to your incident. You can find more information at azdps about how to obtain a traffic accident report.

Take action. Consider contacting an attorney once you have taken proper care of your health. After an accident, most insurance policies require that you notify them. Sometimes, the insurance company of another driver may call you and request a recorded statement. Your insurance company might make the same request. A recorded interview is not something you are legally required to consent to. A skilled adjuster is able to ask the “right questions” and re-characterize certain statements in order to reduce the value or limit your ability to obtain any compensation. It is possible to not understand the nature of your injuries and pain if you record your statement shortly after an accident. An attorney can help you if you have questions or concerns.

Who is at Fault

How do you find out who is at fault in an accident? Sometimes it is easy to see the obvious answer: you were rearended while stopped at a red light. The other driver was speeding and drunk driving, and was ticketed with a DUI. Although these cases may seem obvious (and they usually are), the other driver might be telling a completely different story to police. Arizona law recognized “comparative fault”, which means both drivers could be partially responsible for an accident. You might be 20% responsible if you are speeding and the other driver tried to turn left but was unable to.

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